Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's Teddy Time again

Ah, sweetest, funniest Teddy, you've probably just about marked your second birthday (you were about 3 months old when I found you--rather, when you found me--in early October, 2009) but I'm not sure you've left your kittenhood all that far behind. It's for moments like this this morning that I keep a camera out and at the ready. I really wish I knew what goes on in that little cat head of yours!
Teddy is only my second very-own cat (though long, long ago my college room-mate had cats, and I once had a prolonged cat-sitting gig for a neighbor's kitten); with my first very-own cat Winston, I had the foresight to have him declawed (front only) when he was very tiny and the knuckle bones weren't fully fused. By the time Teddy appeared in my life 21 years later, I had been sufficiently influenced, or enlightened, by anti-declawing movements that I couldn't bring myself to declaw him. (While Winston never developed Teddy's muscularity, speed and coordination, I don't know if that was the effect of declawing or just the way Winston was constituted. In fact he otherwise never seemed to miss his claws.) After all, I told myself, people say you can guide a cat to use appropriate scratching devices--sisal posts, whatever. I don't know who those "people" are but they've not met Teddy. Note the nice cardboard scratcher (he disdains the very attractive, expensive sisal post, designated as the "ultimate scratcher" and rated 5 stars--by people, not by cats--we acquired for him) on top of the bench...but he sure finds the furniture to be the most suitable scratching posts ever!
Note how he's totally destroyed the near corner of the bench, and has now moved on to the far corner. The background noise is the air conditioner (which has been going non-stop for weeks now); Teddy's clawing is so satisfyingly robust that you can easily hear it over the noisy A/C. Anyway, it's a good thing that was an inexpensive piece, though I did rather like it better before the stuffing started to pop out of it...


  1. Move over Teddy.........with my Winnie it is the legs of one or two of the dining table chairs.....fortunately they are rustic type chairs but still, one of these days I will probably sit down and be cast upon the floor as the toothpick legs finally gives up. gotta love 'em or you just can't have 'em.

  2. Aw, Teddy is so cute - and the white parts of him are so white! Happy second birthday, Teddy! Keep up the good work - only three more corners to go! (And don't forget to keep an eye on what's in the sink!)

  3. Naughty cat. But then again, he is just doing what cats do.....

    Our cat does his clawing on one of the many trees outside, but his inside trick is 'cheek rubbing' which he does on every corner and doorway in the house. It leaves a greasy mark which is best removed with a baby wipe. Apparently it is to mark his territory.