Tuesday, July 19, 2011

i so to glad you i am love

I have a little counter on my blog that provides a few statistics and other bits of information about visitors, including what key words or search terms they used that landed them at Amusing Musings. This morning my counter reports that someone who searched on "i so to glad you i am love" visited AM. Wow. I wonder if they found what they were searching for?


  1. Huh? My guess is a Twitterite. As a bunch, they seem to have fallen into a rather English challenged, inarticulate mode. On a more positive front, I finally figured out why I couldn't comment properly on some blogs. The little button which keeps you signed in needed to be turned off. Go figure... :)

  2. That's definitely a little weird. I just checked to see what people had been googling to find the chicken blog, and I got "plaid shorts whats up with that," "photo of senior scrubbing a toilet," and "im a bowl a chicken." Hm...