Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Pay Your Share and Be Glad of What You Get

Listen, and HEAR, everything she says. Then, if you doubt the value you get in return for paying your taxes, count what would/will disappear if the government doesn't get the revenue it needs, in addition to the examples Ms. Warren cites: new and maintained interstate and other federal highways and bridges; national parks, national monuments, forests, and historic sites; navigable waterways; promotion of clean air and water; assurance safe and effective therapeutic drugs and devices; monitoring and controlling of infectious disease outbreaks; natural disaster relief; enriched preschool education and provision of school lunches; arbitration of domestic disputes at the highest level, just to name a few things we all enjoy and/or recognize the significance of, and what that will mean to you if tax revenues diminish.
In my direct experience working with the feds, fraud and abuse are rare and taken extremely seriously when documented. While it's true that big government isn't overall as efficient as private enterprise, what private enterprise could conceivably take over all government functions at scale? Even if large chunks of government service are outsourced (some of which have turned out to be disastrous, just refresh your knowledge of the Veterans Choice program!) those contracts will require a large infrastructure to manage.
All things considered, just pay your damn taxes and continue to enjoy the best quality of life to be had anywhere on earth.
Thanks, Ms. Warren!