Friday, October 9, 2009

Funny how things happen

Very early Tuesday morning, while taking my constitutional along Lake Michigan, my friend Karen and I heard an odd sound in the dark...I said, "hmm, sounds like some kind of bird" and she said, "no, I'm sure it's a cat!" So I looked around, and about 30 feet to our right, there, at the base of a skinny little tree just another 30 feet from cars speeding northbound along Lake Shore Drive, was a little kitty. I leaned over and called to it, and it came running to my arms. I nearly started crying, "I don't want this now!" But as Karen has three grown cats, and I have none, Teddy is now mine. Isn't he spectacular? He's perfectly healthy, except for some scrapes on his chin, the vet says he's about 3 months old (no grown-up kitty teeth just yet), and quite fat compared to Winston at that age.

What a wonderful balm for the nagging pain of Winston's death.


  1. And he adopted you! That is just 'meant to be'! Actually he is very like our old cat Roxi that we lost. He has a little more white. But his face is very similar. If he is anything like her he will have a loving calm personality.


    Here is a cat not too far away from here that had an amazing adventure.