Friday, April 2, 2010

Help me out here

Am I the only one who had to look at this two or three times to get it? Does that make it good, or bad advertising?
I must be too old to know what A Bare-Knuckled Bucket of Does is. I read it, A Bare-Knuckled Bucket of Doze. Female deer. 
I think it's supposed to be Does, as in Duz, and perhaps the hint is that it is more nimble and useful than an I-phone. Or something. I dunno.


  1. I read it as Does - female deer. Doesn't make sense which ever way you look at it!

    I discovered this live webcam of a barn owls nest a few days ago, it is fascinating!

    Am also going to a hummingbird's nest to spy on also.
    We have no types of hummingbirds in NZ at all. And only one type of owl.

  2. Good grief. I don't get it.... but so what else is new?
    Sad about the Druids...