Friday, April 16, 2010

Boys and their big toys

I took this quick photo of an impressively fast-moving snowplow through the windshield of my car when in Yellowstone this winter. I liked the sunlight on the snow-laden trees and the contrast of the big-mouthed yellow machinery against the white snow. It's been posted on my Flickr site in a set called Yellowstone, Winter 2010 where it's sat, more or less unnoticed, until suddenly today, when I got the two "invites" comments above, one from someone known as PublicServiceEquipmentFan, to add the photo to a group called SnowPlows and Snow Removal Equipment, and another from zamboni-man to join the Snow Plows group! Click on any of the links to see what makes some people so happy. I was truly flattered, and humored, to be asked to add my snowplow photo to what I suspect are overwhelmingly boys' (mens') clubs .  And who knows what further fame and fortune it might lead me to?


  1. We almost needed the big toys to plow the roads again this weekend. Just a tad too warm. I love your new header.

  2. I got the inspiration for the customized/personalized header from you!