Sunday, March 28, 2010

Life in the City That Works. Or maybe not.

A couple of weeks ago I took my VW Jetta (born in 2003, but with fewer than 26,000 miles on it still) to the dealer for a oil change. For only $100 more than the cost of an oil change, the service rep pointed out, I could have my "34,000 mile check-up" and since that timely offering included checking transmission fluid (mine's a stick) I said, yeah, okay, what's another hundred bucks..."
So along with topping off the fluids, they pulled off my tires (new less than a month ago) to check the brakes, and lo! I got the news that BOTH FRONT STRUT MOUNTS/BEARINGS COLLAPSED (in capital letters, just like that, on my service statement).
So why would that happen in such a low-mileage car, you ask?
Check out these photos of the street where my office is, for example. Chicago, the City That Works, the City of Big Shoulders. No, wait, that would be, City of Potholes on a scale that would trip Godzilla. In fact I almost always ride the bus. Along this stretch (60th Street, as it happens) the ride is like something you would otherwise pay a lot of money for at Disney World.


  1. Its bad alright. Still I have a few here in the land of 10,000 (or more) potholes which definitely compare. Thanks to Paw Lenty

  2. Goodness that is a rough road.

    Was the car showing any signs of something wrong with it? I do wonder about mechanics sometimes - they could tell me anything and I would have no way of confirming it. Perhaps I am just being cynical........

  3. If without be careful enough the rough road like this can be very dangerous when driving. Especially at night time.

  4. Almost as bad as my desert primative roads. Maybe you need a truck or send the bill to the City street department. Happy Easter - I wonder what your Easter Bunny under-carriage looks like.