Saturday, February 8, 2014

Teddy 2014

We haven't had a "Teddy post" for a long time. Teddy was a kitten when I found him huddled under a sapling tree very early one October 2009 morning along Chicago's lakefront, just 10 days after my beloved superannuated cat Winston, finally passed away. There are many posts about both kitties. Suffice it to say, we adored and mourned Winston, but Teddy has created his own world of love and fun, and comparisons with Winston's personality and physique yielded several blogs. To this day Teddy continues to be healthy, happy, robust, and endlessly playful. And endlessly hungry. He's had a good time this overly-snowy winter watching the big flakes snow globe around outside the window, as he is again today. He's such a good little addition to my life!

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