Saturday, October 6, 2012

Division Street Farmers Market

Here are a few visual and aural yummies from a visit to Chicago's Division Street Farmers Market a couple of Saturdays ago:




And of course, no market would be complete without a classy street musician, in this case, Reginald Graig Conyers on the horn (turn on your sound):


  1. Yummy! After 45 years of weeding my veggie garden I gave it up this year. And in the interests of stimulating the local rural small town economy we've patronized farmers markets all over the area...:)

  2. So nice! I miss the fresh fruits and veggies of China almost as much as the people. I can't believe the lousy supermarket food we put up with. This is the last weekend for our Farmer's Market--sad.

  3. I love farmers Markets - just so inspiring. Makes me want to come home and dig over more land to enlarge our veggie garden. being mid spring here our vege garden is all planted up for the summer - Broad beans, runner beans, radishes, tomatoes, climbing beans, potatoes,corgettes and cucumbers.