Thursday, October 11, 2012

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois: The Navajo Connection?

I'm not terribly crazy about Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Illinois. For one thing, they apply their own rules inconsistently. For another, their EOBs (explanations of benefits) are mostly incoherent. I do like to know how much of my (outsized) medical bills were covered by them, how much my provider wrote off based on their contractual arrangement with BC-BS, and how, more or less, they arrived at my surprisingly large co-pay amounts (sometimes so mysteriously I am moved to call them up and ask for an explanation). In spite of these regular annoyances (and I've had quite a few this summer with various ailments and mishaps) I've never thought of contesting a decision or asking for review. But tonight I happened to look at the last page of my latest EOB, and saw, to my surprise, that should I decide to appeal their coverage, I might be eligible to receive my determination not in Russian, French, Urdu, or Zulu, but if I'd like it in English, Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog (the language of the Philipines), or Navajo (Dine) [Dineh], I have only to ask. I recommend enlarging the image just to see what written Navajo looks like.
Boy, I'd sure love to know how it is they came up with those particular offerings!

If you'd like to hear spoken Navajo here is a lovely reading of Proverbs 31: The Virtuous Woman. For myself, I'm proud to say there is one (but alas, only one), Navajo word I can pronounce, and it is: To'Hajiilee, the name of a small section of the Navajo Nation along I-40 in New Mexico.

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  1. Good grief. I admire your courage and perserverance in even tryint to decifier this stuff(insurance policies that is..)