Saturday, October 1, 2011

Do the math. I dare ya!

OK, so how much do three"Coca Cola Fridge Mates" of soda cost? How about one pack? Let's two, get one free. But how much do two cost? Three, says the sign, cost $4.00 each, or, if I'm figuring that right, $12.00 (far from a bargain). But if you buy two, and get one free, that's not the same as buying three, is it? 
What's your best guess?


  1. That's very confusing. It says $4.00 each when you buy 3, so it looks like it's $12 for three, but if they're $4.00, then if you buy two for $8.00 the third should be free. But I'm guessing it's three for $12.00 - that's the sale the grocery stores around here have been running.

  2. Only in corporate America. Wasn't it PT Barnum who covered this subject once long ago?

  3. Advertisers have raised complexification to a high art. In this case, the "normal" price is $6 (well, 5.99). What a deal.