Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Swirling down a black hole...

Working very hard night and day on a big grant proposal -- by this weekend it'll be as good as it's ever going to be and out the door. Then I will return to my normal routine, including posting a blog now and then, even better, having time to read favorite blogs of others! (I miss keeping up with ya'll!) But meanwhile I do have a new camera and lens, and took a brief walk out to Promontory Point, a little spit of parkland that sticks out into Lake Michigan just at the latitude where I live. Here's KLK (dressed for jogging, not for fall weather) enjoying an autumnal late afternoon, the City of Chicago beyond. I have also taken time to notice that leaves are changing--how could all that be happening with me too busy to notice? Fall is my favorite season, I'm so glad it's here again!


  1. Work will do that all right. Something about not have time to smell the roses. Ah...... retirement. :)

  2. Aw, Troutbirder, don't make me jealous!!

  3. Yes - retirement has a lot to recommend it!

    The white caps on the lake make it look cold! We are officially well into spring here but there is still a cold wind.

    What I am finding upsetting (more than the cool spring weather) is that there is a lack of bees around to pollinate all the fruit trees in flower. The varroa bee mite has been present in the last few years and has affected the bee population severely.