Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Still watching those web cams!

Still catching some great sights on the Web cams around the greater Yellowstone/Grand Teton area from the confines of my desk in Chicago. This one's pointed along the Henry's Fork of the Snake River near Island Park, Idaho (Thanks, Kennewicksheri!!). 

Got swans today!

I don't know what kind they are: could be trumpeters, could be tundras, the images aren't quite clear enough. Let's hope I see them again on a clear, sunny day.

Click on the Web cam capture to get a good look at them, there's a whole flock. Or bevy. Not a wedge, though, at least not in this shot. 

Bozeman touchdown:
12 days, 15 hours, 36 minutes and 49 seconds as of this post.

I won't get near Island Park this time (though I love that area, a little to the west of Yellowstone), this time it's all about the Northern Range, with a day-trip by snow coach to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, where I've never been in winter.


  1. oops.. Island Park is in Idaho

    close to Montana..but still in the Gem State.

  2. Some years ago my sons skied in and saw a wolf chasing an elk far below in the canyon. The elk was swept around a bend out of sight so they never saw if it made it.