Sunday, July 12, 2009

And now for something completely different

I spent the long Fourth of July weekend in Dallas (my first venture beyond DFW airport), enjoying the hospitality of my best girlfriend, LCB. Knowing that I need a regular Nature fix if I'm going to be happy, and overdue with my birthday present by about 6 weeks, she treated me to a day at the Dallas World Aquarium and Zoo. Here are some results of my photographic efforts, hampered in very large part by the low light and having the perfectly wrong lens with me. I hope nonetheless it will be apparent what a wonderful, diversely populated place it is. Click on the images for enlargements.

Guianan Toucanet

Toco toucan

Keel-billed toucan

Jackass penguins

Weedy Seadragon

Frog fish (dig the eyes of the guy on the left)

And there are human interest, and interested human, stories there, too.


  1. I enjoyed your photos. Especially the weedy sea dragons! Aren't they the most strange creatures? I have only seen them once, at an aquarium at Long Beach, California, and I thought that someone was playing some kind of joke. I just couldn't see how they could be real.

  2. And this wasn't even one of the fancier seadragons! (Just one of the few that was moving slowly enough to photograph, which, in the dark aquarium, had to be SLOW.)
    Glad you liked the pics, and good to be hearing from you again :-)