Monday, June 29, 2009

Bernie Made-off makes off once again

What is ironically painful about this is that Bernie Madoff's retirement will be all-expenses paid - housing, food, clothing, medical care - while many if not most of those whom he robbed of a financially carefree, secure post-working life will suffer immeasurably.
The settlement allows his wife to retain $2.5 million for her dotage. I think I could manage a long, comfortable retirement on that, speaking for myself. Of course, she will be deprived of her husband's company. Since I still don't believe she could possibly have been unaware of what her husband was doing for a living, I'm not sending her condolences any time soon.


  1. I couldn't agree more about poor Bernies suffering wife.

    The moose story was very interesting. Sometimes it's hard to reconcile our human emotions, especially for the underdog or a baby to the facts of nature in the raw.... but you said it well. Thanks

  2. Love your pictures and comments about Yellowstone. I live about 60 miles from YNP and spend a lot of time there getting matterial to write about in my newspaper columns.

    Let me know when you will be out next and I will try to meet you for a trip into the park.