Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yellowstone, then and now

Thanks to Youtuber michaelpgoad for posting this antique newsreel about Yellowstone, which he notes is from the "Public domain, Prelinger Collection, Internet Archive." Too bad it's truncated, and not dated. It's nonetheless fascinating to see what familiar 21st century spots looked like when this was made (? 1930s?)
The narration is also full of factual errors and rife with statements so imprecise as to be misleading, plus some downright deathly suggestions, such as "just step in" if you don't believe the thermal features are truly hot!
Notably absent are the now-ubiquitous bison.
Don't forget to turn on your sound.
Photo of Mt. Moran through the trees (Grand Teton National Park) from June 2006.

Youtuber sounds like some kind of potato, doesn't it?

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