Monday, March 23, 2009

This is a true story

Over the years I've read lots and lots of resumes. And it's true, if you apply to me for a job and your resume is a mess, I won't consider you for the job. A mess is defined as one typo, especially if you're responding to our posting for an editorial assistant position.
In order to apply for a job at the university where I work, you have to upload a resume, and possibly a cover letter at an online application site. In addition, you must complete a multi-page, confusing, annoying, and tricky (yes, the data you entered can disappear) electronic application.
The e-form has a box in which you are invited to type any additional information you think germane to your candidacy. One hapless applicant for our editorial assistant position (that was in the end felicitously filled) said, "I am a grammer expert."

The this true tale was brought to mind by All Tech Considered/All Things Considered (on NPR) this afternoon, in which the importance of a perfectly spiffy resume and cover letter was mentioned.

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  1. I guess the grammar part leaves me out. Oh well.