Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fruits of the Grocery

I've commented in the past about how much I enjoy fresh fruit, in the widest definition of the word; here's another small pleasure: instead of simply putting price stickers on each piece, American fruit distributors put colorful stickers on them with a 4-digit code for the checker that, when combined with the weight, yields the right price. Every apple, lemon, tomato and pear has its own; I especially like the one for Mexican "sweet" peppers from this Saturday's harvest at the Jewel (chain supermarket). Sweet indeed!
One of the great mysteries of the retail produce business, however, is why red peppers always have stickers and green bell peppers never do.


  1. I was here before and misplaced your fun and insightful comments plus the Yellowstone views which I miss heartily (ok its winter and I can fly fish there now). Ill bookmark this time.

  2. Did you see the real time Web cam capture of the coyote at the Upper Geyser Basin?
    I hope to have more of good stuff to report after my upcoming May trip to Yellowstone & the Tetons!
    Glad you enjoy my musings :-)