Sunday, November 9, 2008

Not politics, not money

I have often posted photos captured from my favorite Web cams. This one this morning is from the fire lookout on top of Mt. Washburn in Yellowstone National Park. It's one of my favorites, but from October through May there are many days when the window of the lookout is plastered over with snow or ice and the view is zip.
This morning, after days of nothingness, we had a reveal. The camera is pointed south; from 10,243 up, on a clear day one can easily see the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone (River), steam and gas rising from many thermal areas within the visual sweep, and the Grand Tetons. It's pretty clear what's been causing the blackout, hard to tell how deep that snow is. But it portends well for another snowful winter in Yellowstone. From the looks of things, there might be more where that came from in the clouds blocking sunlight from above, and perhaps, for things lower down, in those below the peak. Let it snow!!


  1. Two of my favorite places in the world from a "higher up" point of view. Also enjoyed your tribute to Tony Hillerman also a favorite of mine and many others

  2. Thanks, Troutbirder, glad you are enjoying my posts!

    How did you like the outcome of the election :-) ??