Sunday, April 12, 2015

Montana Spring: Wildflowers

Suddenly around the whole neighborhood - in fact, all over town - are the indubitable signs of spring: the ground is no longer frozen (though most mornings there are signs on surfaces, like lawns and roofs, that the temperature dipped below 32° Fahrenheit before dawn), the days are definitely longer, the sun more intense. Trees have buds, and most lawns (except ours, see photo below, but that's another story) are greening up nicely! And best of all, wildflowers are popping up everywhere!

So how about these wildflowers? Here's a shot of our side yard, sprouting yellow, red, and orange:
In the front of the house we found this single big blue bloom:
Here's a nice natural bouquet arrangement of Stay greenia I found in a park while on my post-workday constitutional last week:
They're so colorful, and almost ubiquitous, at least in our development in which there is a great deal of construction and public land improvement underway (these early bloomers tend to thrive in disturbed soil), and everywhere else around town where there is excavation for, say, the burial of utilities:
I liked them so much that I was willing to deprive my neighbors the sight of these lovely signs of spring, and plucked those in our own yard (once the cable company had finished burying our fiber optic cable, which they could not do last fall when we signed up for service because the ground was already hard-frozen; the cable spent the winter successfully on top of the ground, but grass-mowing season is almost upon us), and put them in a vase where we can enjoy them night and day. Aren't they charming and cheerful!
The the red, yellow and orange ones especially nicely set off the sole blue one (scientific name Bozemania  water departmentia).


  1. Oh yes. Nature at its very best. I love the delicate palette of color.....:)

  2. Oh yes you can depend on a local department to make a 'splash' around a neighbourhood! We have had our street dug up to install broadband fibre optic cables. They seemed to take forever.

  3. Hope you are enjoying your new location. Life goes on much the same here. We are in the throes of a miserable wet cold winter. I have delighted in feeding the poor hungry sparrows and waxeyes that gather hopefully in the branches of a tree outside the kitchen. The waxeyes love windfall oranges which I cut in half and impal on a nail on the fence. They have them cleaned in no time at all.
    The family from Bahrain have been staying with us for the last ten days but are feeling the cold terribly, having come from very high summer temperatures.
    What fun it has been to see the look on the nearly three year olds face as she wanders outside with me to lick a mandarin off a tree. She has never seen them growing on trees before! Or to go and pick a few winter lettuce leaves. Or to simply run and run on grass.

  4. Oops - That should read - PICK a mandarin off the tree!!

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