Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Underbelly

Last night (which was cold and clear, and completely dry) around 10:30 we heard loud sirens and giant air horn blasts. Got out the binocs to watch the sequelae of a weird and apparently not deadly accident on southbound Lake Shore Drive. A large Econoline-type van had somehow managed to flip on its side at an angle to the lane divider; we could clearly see its underbelly. Lots of flashing lights and firemen-types walking around, but in spite of the later arrival of an ambulance, it seems no blood and guts were shed. Finally the tow truck showed up, hooked a couple of lines to the top of the van, and pulled it upright with a little bounce. No people got or were pulled out so we assumed the passengers had long since gotten out safely. The tow truck pulled it forward a few feet, then a guy got out and emptied several bags of what I would bet was kitty litter over a small wet-looking area (oil? coolant?) on the pavement, then summarily left with his haul. Finally all the flashing lights ("looks like Christmas - red, green, yellow, blue" says Kevin) departed. Minor dramatic action but much more interesting than what was on TV.


  1. Minor indeed. But your comparison to what's on TV is spot on. It's gone, in recent years, from trivial or a "vast wasteland" as once described to disgusting and now to appalling.

  2. I agree with Troutbirder!

    Some of my friends have just returned from a trip to Churchill.They are very interested in bears and I had directed them to your blog entries re the tours and observation of bears from the Tundra buggies. They stayed out at night on the big Tundra 'hotel', and it was an amazing experience. They saw a number of bears as well as arctic foxes and other wildlife. It was a long journey from our part of the world but well worth it!

    I thought that you would be interested to know that your blog has inspired some of us 'down under'!

    1. Merinz, how fantastic! And how nice of you to let me know. So, when are YOU going to Churchill? ;-)

    2. Unfortunately I could never get my husband to go there. However one day I may find a friend to go with me!
      At the end of this month we are off to Bahrain again, for three weeks, and then a tour of Turkey. We have always wanted to go to Gallipoli which is a place of great significance to New Zelanders.