Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Log Cabin Café, Silver Gate Montana

I have been absent from Amusing Musings for the best of reasons: a 10-day mid-June sojourn with KLK through Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. This trip is a yearly must-do for us, as every trip is new and rewardingly different from the one before, but always nonetheless old and wonderfully familiar at the same time. I have just finished sorting through and processing my 1,000 + photos (ah! digital photography, ain't it great?) and now am ready to post them as they represent this year's experiences great and small.
The first I'd like to celebrate is the Log Cabin Café (always with the accent acute on the "e"!) in the map-dot town of Silver Gate, Montana. Silver Gate is immediately adjacent to Yellowstone National Park's northeast entrance, so it's the first non-Park area one comes to when exiting in that direction. Silver Gate also resides in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness at the foot of the Beartooth and Chief Joseph scenic by-ways. 
One of Yellowstone richest wildlife-watching and scenic areas is the corridor along the northeast entrance road (U.S. 212) which means that most often when I've gone to Silver Gate, it's before (if I'm staying outside of the park in or beyond Silver Gate in it's "twin" town of Cooke City down the road about 3 miles) or after (if I'm staying in the park) hours of hiking or wildlife-watching in that corridor. In either case, it means I'm hungry! My very first stop is always the Log Cabin Café, where I know the atmosphere is inviting and the good is very good. 
Somehow, in that remote location (it's a very long drive from, say, the nearest airport or railroad freight depot) they always manage to have fresh ingredients and fresh ideas of how to prepare them. This year KLK and I stopped one day for a yummy lunch and learned that they are celebrating 75 continuous years of operation. We picked up a flyer which tells us: "The Log Cabin has had only four owners since it was built. It is now owned by life-long, year-round Silver Gate residents Jay Schifferdecker and Laurie Hinck. Along with [their] parents, Larry and Vranna Sue, [they] bought the beloved Log Cabin from Kay and Cecil King who ran it for 30 years."
Here are some interior shots - aside from the wonderful classy and reasonably priced food, don't you want to go in and sit down to take it all in?

May the Log Cabin Café continue and bring prosperity to its owners for another 75 years! Congratulations!

I might  add, that area is the best in the Yellowstone region to look for moose. This guy, just sprouting his spring antlers, was right behind the church (2009 visit):
And this is the setting (Amphitheater Peak) under which The Log Cabin and the moose reside:


  1. I like the Log Cabin - to have only had four owners in 75 years is amazing.

    Would love to meet you there for a coffee one day!

  2. Welcome to Montana! And welcome back to the blogosphere too. Hope you enjoyed a slab of pie at the LC!

  3. Thanks for the kind words Veronica. I'm doing ok now after the medical issues were clarified and a new computer was finally purchased to replace our deceased one. Amazingly we and another couple headed off to Montana for a couple of weeks shortly after your trip. What fun to revisit some of the flyfishing venues my sons and I frequented for many years. I'll be culling the tons of digitals and then posting as well over the suceeding weeks... :)

  4. My son, Tommy worked at the Log Cabin 2001-2002, when Kay King owned it. We've been to Silvergate and Cooke City five times, always stop at the Log Cabin Cafe, always incredible food and atmosphere!