Saturday, May 19, 2012

My new Flickr group

Still silly busy, at work and at home, and one of the things that has distracted me from blogging is the creation and administration of a new Flickr group, Parkitecture: Unique Architecture of National Parks. As it's described: 

The purpose of this group is to showcase and enjoy the rustic and romantic styles of architecture and decor used in or near national and other parks, monuments, and preserves around the United States and the rest of the world. Please limit postings to images that include man-made structures; interior and exterior shots are welcome.
Identify the park and the architect if you have that information.
Let's see your best shots of architecture that makes you WISH YOU WERE THERE!

There are myriad examples of fantastic parkitecture in America's parks, like this, architect Mary Jane Colter's 1932 Watchtower at Desert View, Grand Canyon:
It is a highly evocative structure meticulously echoing the native construction and decorative styles  to be used both for 360 degree scenic viewing (the verge of the Grand Canyon is just beyond what you see here) and as, what else, an inspiring gift shop.  More about the amazing Mary Colter later...
As you might imagine, finding images of US landmarks is easy, I'd love to have many more photos of African, Australian and New Zealand, South American, Asian, Canadian, and any other rustic and romantic park structures! 
If you have material that fits the theme, in its most broad definition, please add to the group! Your photos will have to be posted on Flickr, which will require you to open an account (free) if you don't already have one. Once you do that you can post your photos to any of numerous groups and appreciate the work of thousands of brilliant photographers.  In particular, I think you will enjoy the photos posted by the (already!) 54 members of Parkitecture!

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