Monday, February 20, 2012

So, I'm standing there waiting for the bus...

....and as is proving to be not all that unusual, the mundane daily routine of waiting for the bus suddenly takes an interesting turn. My eyes happen to fall on an odd pink and white object in the middle of the winter-trampled patch of grassless dirt by the trash can at the curb:
Is that what it looks like? Hmm, it's not Halloween, so those aren't vampire falsies. Although it is Presidents' Day, on which we celebrate the birthday of our First Founding Father, George Washington, famous for his dentures...Yep, they're the real deal, a full set of lowers (?), probably not long ago helping someone chew their cud.
Leave a comment and tell me your story of how they got there!


  1. Someone had to make the difficult decision while running for the bus - 'do I stop to pick up my teeth that have fallen out, and be late for work, or do I catch the bus and be toothless all day?'

    Someone with a total absence of vanity.

  2. Hi Veronica! I can't tell you how good it feels to have figured out how to tunnel under The Great Firewall of China and reach all the dangerous, blocked sites such as our blogs. So sad, those dentures--I'm thinking an alcohol-related incident. It triggers an irrational phobia of mine--losing my partial (acquired after a sports accident at age 12) when walking across bridges or trestles (Freud never named that one).