Saturday, February 5, 2011


Just a few random shots, post Taken by Storm...the Storm started the afternoon of Tuesday, February 1, and ended the afternoon of Wednesday, February 2. The first three photos were taken the morning of Thursday, February 3, when the city started to come back to life. The fourth pic was from that evening; the storm had scrubbed the sky clean. The last photo is from today, Saturday February 5. There are massive piles of snow everywhere the plows have been, causing especially large vehicles like city buses untold misery coming around corners and the like. 
Digging out, the morning after it was all over
A little pathway
Stuck in a berm (two more days before that car in the middle of the road got out)
Gorgeous evening...snow on top of the ice, Lake Michigan (and still no traffic on Lake Shore Drive)
After the snow plows...those two cars are lucky, with a little digging they might actually get out of their spaces.

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