Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ya'll may have noticed

I'm not posting very regularly this month. I'm happy to tell you, though, I have not died, but my modem did, last Friday evening, meaning I had, until Sunday afternoon, off-and-on-and-mostly-off mysterious connectivity issues that affected my whole computer in bizarre ways. By Sunday late afternoon I was completely unable to get on line. For an internet addict like me (plus which, besides conducting all my personal business like bill-paying and banking, I do some work work at home in the evenings and on weekends) that was a near-death experience. Finally the tech folks at the DSL provider I use figured out the modem was blown and brought me a new one on Wednesday. That was the fix in more ways than one. 
Check back soon, I hope to fit in a little ordinary blogging between now and Sunday when I head off to a conference at (drum roll) the O'Hare Hyatt! Those of you who have experienced Chicago's airport will be sympathetic just based on how bleak that is, but in addition, the daily drive from home to the airport vicinity and back I expect to be long and not too pleasant. Let's hope the conference will be good enough to make up for the schlep.


  1. Well at least you got it fixed. Driving to O'Hare - unfixable.

  2. Good to see you on line again. When we had our technology crash several months ago it felt like I had misplaced a best friend!

    One thing I do not enjoy when our travels take us to busy cities, is the traffic. There are altogether too many people in some parts of the world.

    I had to look up the meaning of "schlep". Occasionally there is a word you use that, although I have heard or sometimes read the word, I have no idea what it means. I am sure that there are some words common in the NZ vocabulary that would be unknown in America also.

    Hmm, must do another 'kiwi idiom/slang' posting.