Sunday, October 24, 2010

Amusing Musings Goes Seasonal

I really love the change of seasons, but this year autumnal weather has been very slow in coming to Chicago and other parts of the world I follow closely (namely, the Greater Yellowstone area). In Chicago, over the last day or two, the daily temperature has been at least 10 degrees above "normal" (which I take to mean average over as many years as measurements have been recorded). But this morning we had some clouds, some rain, some wind (it's sunny now) suggesting things to come. I'm eager to dig out my warmer sweaters and jackets, I'm sick of my summer duds! I also went through photos from an October 2006 journey to Quebec where we were treated to some truly glorious maples-in-transition. My professional association met at the O'Hare (airport) Hyatt this year, and while it was a good conference at a good facility, it didn't quite provide me with that feeling of "being away" like the year we met in Quebec, or last year, in Seattle. 

As a friend who lives in the area reports on my favorite Yellowstone chat page, 
"..after a mild October, the park should look much different after tonight. Winter storm watch up for the entire park right now...10-20 inches above 8,000 feet with 40 mph wind gusts this late afternoon/evening...6-12 inches in the 7,000-8,000 band, 2-5 inches predicted for Mammoth [the lowest elevation in the park, and so usually little snow accumulates there]. 
East of the park here [Cody, WY, dryer and lower than most of Yellowstone], they're predicting travel over the Chief Joseph [moderately high elevation highway between Cody and the northeast entrance to Yellowstone] will be impacted
tomorrow morning with 9-12 inches of snow on Sleeping Indian [mountain]."

Sounds good to me!
 Taken on Ile d'Orleans, in the middle of the St. Lawrence River, just upstream 
from Quebec City (2006)
Hoh Rain Forest, Olympic National Park, west of Seattle(2009)


  1. I too, love the change of the seasons. But I always think fall is always too short. I love the colors and the cool nights. Great post.

  2. As I look out the window's coming your way.

  3. I like your new seasonal header and I enjoyed looking at your pictures of the changing autumn leaves. I hope your cooler weather arrives soon - sounds like it will.

  4. Love your autumn pics. And here its spring! Well past that really, the days are getting very warm and the garden is growing rapidly.