Monday, August 30, 2010

America Is Your Park campaign. Or maybe not.

In response to Troutbirder’s comment below, which was in response to my post of August 1alas, I have to agree, there’s either something desperately wrong with Coca-Cola's "vote for your park" Web-site counter, or there’s something real funny about the voting. So I’ve stopped voting, and have rescinded my excitement about the opportunity to get a nice-sized grant for Yellowstone. The last time I voted, probably three weeks ago, Yellowstone had around 16,000 votes; today it has just over 19,000, while as Troutbirder notes, for example, Hawaii's Koke'e State Park now has 126,810 votes. I'm sure it's possible that Koke'e State Park has that many dedicated, voting fans, but it's certainly not possible that love for Yellowstone is that lukewarm. 
But I really appreciate your efforts to post some votes for the most wonderful of all national parks, Troutbirder!
Yellowstone Lake, in June of 2006

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  1. Hi Veronica! How nice to meet you in the blogosphere. Yes, Forgotten Bookmarks is wonderful. I'm tempted to try one of the recipes, but we'll see. What a beautiful picture of Yellowstone Lake. I've never seen it and probably never will, so it's nice to see it though your eyes. (That website counter thing does sound screwy, though.)