Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I work on a beautiful campus

I've several times blogged about the beauty of the University of Chicago campus. For an urban place, it's remarkably green, conscientiously a botanical garden, in fact. It also has some striking architecture, new and old, or old designed to look even older than it is.

This is a photo of the cathedral-sized Rockefeller Chapel, iconic landmark of the campus, from my office window in the cold evening light. Zoomed all the way out to 4X optical,  whatever that is, on my handy new Canon point-n-shoot.

 This morning's vision of the rising sun viewed through the steam plant effluvia also caught my eye. 


  1. I know all about the "robber barons" but scenes like this chapel and especially Grand Teton National Park make me say "all is forgiven". Beautiful picture!

  2. Beautiful, Veronica. Thank you for these photos. They help me feel less isolated in the grayness of the Missoula winter!

    Funny about the Rockefellers. One of their descendants...and I can't say which...is a dear friend of mine and truly a friend to nature.