Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bah, humbug! Except...

I'm a skeptic and a cynic (some people might say, a grump) when it comes to Christmas, though I'm willing to go along with KLK's and other peoples' traditions and usually am not too unhappy when I do.
But one thing that I do love is the exchange of Christmas cards. My parents were big-time Christmas carders in the days before e-mail and e-cards (though one friend sends me the most lovely e-cards imaginable) and when long distance calls seemed foolishly expensive, and I've staunchly carried on the tradition. It is the one time of the year when I can let friends and family who have drifted away a little but about whom I still care know that I'm thinking of them, and even better, receive their cards and their family newsletters that I immensely enjoy.
The cards drift in slowly, starting early in the month of December and sometimes not fully stopping until January. (Or February. One year, I got one with hearts on it!)

I don't know if fine glitter shows up on scans, but here are my favorites so far this year:

Oh, and I do love Bach's Advent and Christmas cantatas, too!

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  1. Beautiful cards. My wife is a card sender - I am not, but I do enjoy reading them.