Thursday, November 26, 2009

Web-cam mania returns

It' been a while since I posted Web cam captures from my favorite place on earth, the greater Yellowstone area. But this is "shoulder season" again, after the interior roads close to traffic, snowmobile and snow-coach season haven't yet started, and the village at Old Faithful is inhabited only by a small maintenance crew, the crowds of summer and winter not in evidence.

In this morning's pretty frosty light we had a few bison come by to nibble where the hot ground around Old Faithful geyser is laid bare by the heat just under the surface.

 In this Thanksgiving's fading light, a little coyote trotted in front of the Web cam.

I myself will be in Yellowstone again in just exactly two months from now. I won't be going to Old Faithful, which can only be accessed by snow-mobile or snow-coach, though I will take a trip to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone by snow-coach, a new winter experience for me.  There will be lots of wildlife to see--bison, elk, snow shoe hares, foxes, eagles, swans, bighorn sheep, and the extraordinary scenery transformed by winter. I can hardly wait!


  1. Take your camera with you (of course you will) and treat us all!

    happy thanksgiving to you all.

  2. You bet I will!
    Do Kiwis have a celebration equivalent to our Thanksgiving?

  3. No we don't have a Thanksgiving day. I wish we did, I think we all need to stop and take stock of things we have to be thankful for.

    Christmas day is our traditional day of family gathering. Many families also meet on New Years Day or Boxing day.

    We do also celebrate Waitangi Day on 6th Feb which is the anniversary of the signing of the treaty of Waitangi in 1840 between the Maori and Europeans.

    However it is not always a celebration for some and seems to attract crowds of protesters. The treaty was not followed to the letter by the English, and there are variations and shades of meaning between the English version and the translation into the Maori version. The hurts still run deep.

    So what should be a celebration of the 'birth' of understanding between cultures and the beginning of a new country, seems to revive old resentments.