Saturday, November 21, 2009

Little milestones

    • I completed my first full week on my new job at NORC. I feel hopelessly incompetent. Everybody is forgiving (for the moment). 
    • I will put in my first weekend hours on the new job this afternoon
    • The odometer on my car, a VW Jetta purchased new in 2003, hit 20,000 miles yesterday evening.
    In other news, Teddy is doing perfectly. My fingers, arms, and legs are peppered with puncture wounds, mostly from his claws, not so much from his shiny new big kitty teeth, which he generally applies to human flesh remarkably gently. 


    1. I always maintain that starting a new job is right up there on the high stress stakes!

    2. It's certainly disorienting, to say the least!