Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Came across an old funny today


This struck me as hilarious the first time I saw it (in 2005). Now it's widely available around the internet (nobody in particular to credit for it, sorry). Now that I have a new kitten I am reminded all over again of the truisms it contains.  With the exception of "Left to themselves, [cats] are relatively harmless."  As anyone who has had a new kitten they had to leave by itself all day knows...left to their own devices, all the houseplants will be tipped over and their soil spread far and wide around the house.


  1. I loved it and brought a copy to my spouse who in in the nursing home recuperating from knee replacement surgery.

  2. Oh dear! Hope the new knee restores her spryness! How's she feeling?

  3. I love this cartoon - I will share it with my students. Great post.

  4. Love that cartoon.

    Beautiful photos, thanks.