Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy

For all those whose cares have been our concern,
the work goes on, the cause endures,
the hope still lives,
and the dream shall never die.

Thank you, Senator.


  1. The end of an erea.

    It reminds me of another time, back in 1968 when a friend and I were travelling around the States. We were on a long haul trip on a Greyhound bus in the South when the bus driver announced over the intercom that he had just heard on his radio that Senator Robert kennedy had died.

    I will never forget that moment, and the reaction of the mostly black people on the bus with us. The woman next to me started to cry along with others. Although to us he was just another country's politician we realised how much he meant to some.

  2. Thanks, Merinz. Of course it is beyond appalling that both Robert and John were shot to death. What kind of country (were/are) we? As do most Americans of a "certain age," I remember both John and Robert's (and Martin Luther King's) assassinations well.
    As to Ted, I love that quotation, what an orator!

  3. We will miss Sen. Kennedy. Even though many of my views are different than his, as a government teacher, I appreciate the fact that he was bipartisan many times and could reach across the isle.