Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Do you hike in bear-infested places? Better watch this!

The advice is actually pretty sound!

Separated at birth? (You have to watch the video first...)


  1. Scary!! Have you ever encountered a bear? When I lived in Canada most Canadians (outside the cities) had a bear story to tell. Some of their stories were exaggerated I think.

  2. Hi Merinz - Good to hear from you again! Actually I love the thrill of hiking in bear country, though I try to be very careful and I carry bear spray. I've seen only a few bears from the trail (many more from the road) and once literally had to shoo one off the trail so we could head on to our destination (which we never reached because my hiking companion was so freaked out she insisted on returning to the car!)
    My friends and I who hike in Yellowstone all thought the animated video was hilarious, though indeed a couple of people I know have been bluff charged. The thing is I can't get over how much the little outdoorsman looks like former President Clinton, ha-ha!

  3. I'm thinking Bill could talk his way out of any bear encounter.