Saturday, July 25, 2009

No shoulder left to lean on

KLK did it again. He was at his grandma's (also again!), or, rather, outside Grandma's house, going for a run (intended, of course, to contribute to, not detract from, his health and well being) along the old, uneven, ill-maintained New Jersey sidewalks when he went *ss over teakettle and landed on the "other" shoulder - not the one that leads to the snapped end of his left bicep, nooo, the one surviving intact shoulder. The interesting yellow streak is not surgical iodine, it's the external evidence of the resultant internal injuries.
Nice little job on the elbow, too.


  1. Ow that looks very painful. How long is recovery expected to take? Will it impede him in his work at all?
    On a lighter note *ss over teakettle is one I haven't heard before. Must remember that one.