Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I finally got my moose!

Left click on the photos to enlarge them for a good look. That dot on the distant shore is a moose. I watched it moving around for 10 or 15 minutes. Now if it would just come to the near shore...

And here's a two-fer!

Check it out for yourself, you never know what you might see on the Henry's Fork Web cam.
I will be on my way there in just 6 weeks!!


  1. Neat. I always wanted to trout Henry's Fork but never have. Years ago I did fish someplace east of Cour deLane but for the life of me couldn't ever find it again.

  2. We have seen people fishing right in front of the camera - don't know if they ever caught anything!

    Do you see yourself getting back out there any time soon?

  3. I am somewhat ambivalent on the whole subject. Fast water and one artificial and one rickety knee leave me inclined to rest on wonderful memories of the West, On the other hand, my new interest in birding will, no doubt, lead me back to Montana and new adventures although perhaps a little less risky.