Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Evil Netflix Faerie

KLK and I share a Netflix account. Whenever one of us learns of a movie we think we would enjoy watching together, we add it, along with anything we're interested in watching separately (he's not into chick flicks, do I need to explain?) That pretty much keeps the queue moving and makes our $18 subscription worthwhile.

So the other day, Michael Crichton's Looker emerges from within one of those ubiquitous little red envelopes. I say to KLK, "what's this? Something you wanted to watch, I assume?" And he says, "no, you put it in the queue." Which I categorically deny. I've never heard of this old, probably better forgotten, futuristic (such as futuristic was in 1981) movie written and directed by the master author of creepy sci-fi thrillers. Crichton was definitely a better writer than director, to wit, the movie stars James Coburn and Albert Finney. If the likes of those two do such a painfully bad job of acting, that really says something.

Not to disparage the dead (Crichton), but all we can figure is that THE EVIL NETFLIX FAERIE put it in our queue. On the other hand, we've seen a couple of really good movies lately, the most entertaining of which was In Bruge. We enjoyed it thoroughly, quite aside from the fact when we were in Brussels some years ago we didn't get to visit Bruge because of a train strike.

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