Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to Eleanor Lawton-Sebeok, March 10, 1912-January 24, 2005. I'm thinking of you, as I often do.


  1. And a beautiful rose for her too. I am wondering what it is called as I have one very similar, it is called 'Heart of Gold'.

    It is all gold/yellow to begin with then as the rose opens it develops a red blush. It is so very much like the one in your photo.

  2. Mi mrinz - This was in a garden in Springdale, Utah, so sorry, I can't fill you in as to its name. You're lucky you have a garden, we live in an urban high-rise. Our view of Lake Michigan is great, and there are some rosebushes in the park where I walk every morning along the lake. They're just now thinking about making buds!