Tuesday, February 19, 2008

For my friend MRINZ

I took this photo from the air on the approach to Salt Lake City in February of 2007. Around that time I was having a bunch of molars crowned. This absolute desecration made me think of what the dentist must have seen as he fixed things in the back of my mouth. It's certainly what it felt like to my half-numb tongue.

It is also strongly reminiscent of Mrinz's photo of the gold mine near her New Zealand home. Of course, being Americans, we have to do everything bigger (preferably biggest) if not better. The Kennecott Copper mine has the distinction of being the world's largest man made excavation and is featured by the state of Utah as an attraction!

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  1. Thank you Veronica for your posting. The Kennecott mine is spectacular and huge, and like all open cast mines - a blot on the other wise beautiful landscape!

    Actually - I have been there.

    Way back in 1968 my friend and I emigrated to Canada. We had three months before our teaching positions began in BC so we bought a '99 days for $99' Greyhound bus ticket and did a huge tour around the States.
    I have relatives living in Salt lake City and we stayed with them for a few days. They took us to a copper mine and I think this was the one.
    We had never seen anything on this scale in our lives!

    I have put the link for the Martha mine below. If you go to it and look at the aerial site map it gives a much better idea of the layout than my little photo does. Of course the tailings leave as much of a scar as the mine does.

    However it is due to be closed soon and there are plans to make it into a lake and recreation area.