Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ize on the Prize for Worst Dressed

Wealth does not endow good taste or even a cheery face. Here's proof-positive. 'Nuf said.

Photo from today's e-Daily Mail, thank you very much.


  1. Hey - Haven't heard from you in a while - glad you're still out there :-) I'm not much of a celebrity-watcher, this was on a news page that had something else of interest to me on it. I just thought it was remarkably tacky for such an elegant woman. On the other hand, Johnny Depp is as hunky, or more so, than ever, no?

  2. He sure is!

    Yes i am still around, still doing the occasional post on my blog.

    But its summer here and summer means lots of time away at our 'bach' (NZ slang for a holiday home/cabin - usually one by a beach) We have a modest little house at a beach about an hour away from here, its wonderful gathering place for our family and extended family and friends.

    We have reached the stage where Grandchildren are starting to arrive (the last addition in twos - identical twin boys)so the bach is now hosting the next generation.

    Its rather satisfying to see the young ones developing a love of the outdoor life. We also have there not just the beach but lots of native bush (NZ term for forest) and walking tracks nearby.