Sunday, December 30, 2007

Good grief! Good Kharma!

Someone must have been very good in their last life. Or someones, as it turns out. This morning I headed out for my constitutional and not 50 yards from my front door found a credit card lying in the middle of the sidewalk. I put in my pocket and forgot about it until I was home and showered. I pulled it out of my jacket pocket and amazingly was able to make out the owner's name from his signature. Next miracle: his name and phone were listed, and accurately! in the directory. A sweet old man answered and it quickly was apparent he was unaware he had lost it. A few minutes later he came over to claim it. I recognized him as a pedestrian I often pass on my way to the bus. He's a nice Jewish gent who wears a tam-o-shanter with pompom on top. He gratefully took his card and put it back in his pants pocket, where no doubt it will easily fall out again one of these days, and departed with a "happy new year" and a friendly wave.
Not much later, on my way down to the laundry room I saw a bag of groceries somebody had left in the elevator. It was just a few cans of tomatoes, some onions, and potatoes: Sunday stew-makings. So I rescued the staples and put a sign in the elevator so the owner can find me and claim them. So far, no knocks.


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  1. It must be catching. I found my diamond ring that I had lost on Jan. 7. My sister had inherited it and since she couldn't wear a man's ring she gave i to me. I had it appraised at $1500.
    I let the universe return it to me by knowing that "Nothing is ever lost."