Monday, April 23, 2007

I'M alive!

I'm alive - just too busy with projects, projects, projects to blog. So today I'm simply acknowledging that spring has truly arrived in Chicago.
And one further spring comment: unaccountably, since song bird migration is fully underway here, we have not had one single mortality from a window strike at the Chicago Graduate School of Business where I work. This compares to dozens, if not more than a hundred, by this time in previous years.
Anemones from last spring, on the University of Chicago campus.


  1. I love the pic of the white poppies.

    There is something about white flowers....simplicity etc. I especially like white iceberg roses, hydrangeas.... and white frangipani

  2. Thanks, merinz, I wish I had time to go out and do more photography - the early spring blooms are at their peak in Chicago now (as everybody with allergies knows! or is that, nose?)

    I have a couple of trips out west coming up next month and in June. Hope I'll have time to post photos and reports here.

  3. We are just going into winter here, rain and more rain, cooler weather - doesn't snow in the Bay of Plenty though, just the odd frost.

    Our bumper crop of kiwifruit is just hanging there waiting to be picked so we are hoping that we do NOT get an early frost.

    I look forward to more of your photos. I haven't been stopping by so much lately - our twin Grandsons were born a week ago and I am away each week staying with our son and daughter in law to help out. They have a 20 month old as well!