Friday, March 30, 2007

A Smart Car?

Today I saw my very first Stateside Smart Car Fortwo, here in my home neighborhood of Hyde Park, Chicago. What a cute little toy. I would not get on that notoriously cut-throat-truck-choked-strip-of-road-rage Dan Ryan Expressway in it for the world. It is nonetheless an interesting sign, perhaps (but not likely) a portend of things to come. In spite of the tough urban parking situation and a reasonably environmentally conscientious neighborhood culture, SUVs are more the rule than the exception (though happily it's been a while since I saw a Hummer cruise through here). I was on a city bus - efficient, if polluting, transportation - so I could see down into the cabin. It's very tiny, and I doubt there's room for a bag of groceries in the back if the front is occupied by a driver and passenger. It's unlikely that it would be a usable only-car, especially given that for the $15,000 price there are many other more capacious, adequately powered, and practical options on the market. However, for those zipping around close to home on flat terrain with no need to schlep stuff, wouldn't it make a great second car?

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  1. I personally love the smart car. It's such a wonderful idea. The appearance of the car looks extremely small but its accually very spacious when you get inside. the smart car is not available in the US unless you buy a modified European version however, there will be a new model released in the US in early 2008. the US model will offer a little bit more power, a larger and nicer interior, and it will be lengthened by half a foot. the top speed will be 90 mph so as for power I'm not sure where its legal to go any faster than that. The truck is small but it still has 12 cubic feet of room. i have already put my reservation down for mine having driven one in France and absolutely fell in love with it. It is one of the most enjoyable cars to drive. I cannot wait to finally have my own smart to drive around town! :)

  2. I love them too, we saw lots when we were in Italy last year,ideal for the overcrowded European roads. Like you I would be a little concerned about safety when cruising in amongst trucks and SUVs. But great for around town.