Thursday, February 1, 2007


This is just a quick post to throw tonight's Jazzercise class up on the Blog. Too bad that a couple of my favorite buddies were not there tonight, but several regular pals and some newbies were, as was Michele Means, our instructor, and Da' Bear (who had a navy and orange watchcap at one point, it has disappeared from this shot.) Just a cheery bunch of chicks trying to wear themselves out at the end of the included for once, since I finally brought my tripod to class and put the camera on auto-timer so I could be in front of, rather than behind it, when the shutter clicked. Since I'm inevitably the photographer, this is a very rare shot indeed with me in it.

Oh, and among the missing tonight was our one male Jazzerciser, husband of the woman rear center with the white headscarf. He's a nice guy, and obviously a secure one since he doesn't seem to mind being the only man in a room full of strong (some literally) women.

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