Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas in Yellowstone. Christmas in Chicago.

My friends Wendy, Chloe and Becky are in Yellowstone National Park today, as they were one year ago when the wonderful video, Christmas in Yellowstone, was made for the PBS series Nature. As shown in that spectacular tape, they are most likely in Lamar Valley observing members of one of the major wolf packs - the Druid Peak pack is said to be on a kill as of this morning - going about their business as they did before humans, and in particular, before Europeans, showed up on the scene.
So today I am suffering from"nature envy" and also "property envy" as Wendy, who lives and works in Manhattan, stopped off in Bozeman before she went to the park. She has a modest condo in Bozeman, waiting for her eventual permanent relocation from New York. I'm cheered that 43 days from today I will be there myself.

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